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We’ve received a lot of queries on the correct use and etiquette for masks in the gym. In this video I explain what makes a good mask and when/why you are allowed to lower a mask when working out.

Please review this video, the contents are important.

In this blog I highlight some of the key challenges and joys of transitioning from the corporate world to owning a small business - in interesting times!

Keeping things going through lockdown, reopening, and adapting along the way with a new team in a new industry as been eventful.

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In our second discussion with Dr Shehata she interviews me about the reopening of gyms in the UAE and the potential impact on the fitness industry the lockdown has had.

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Our first article is an interview with Dr Shehata, the Regional Director for British Society for Lifestyle Medicine and also a recovered COVID-19 patient. Here we talk about the relationship between COVID-19 and the fitness industry.

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