Special Packages

One month fat loss challenge

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We’ve all put on a few extra pounds over lockdown, so at Fitness Zone we want to challenge you to get back into shape. We’ve created a package to help you do just that and to incentivise you there’s a prize for the best performers.

Join our one-month fat loss challenge for 149 aed and we will help you get back in shape. We will provide:-

• Nutritional guidance and monitoring
• WhatsApp support through both Group and personal chat
• Gym and home exercise planning
• Fortnightly weigh-ins and body metrics
• Fortnightly consultations with a personal trainer

The top performer will receive 3 months free membership based on % fat loss.

Have a look at the results from the July challenge:

Challenge starts again on the 1st of September, so WhatsApp or inform us now to book your slot. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in only 1 month with a bit of determination and a lot of positive support.

VIP Package

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The unique VIP Package
Exclusive to you!

If you come to the gym with a specific goal then to us you are a Very Important Person. 

As you’re unique this package is only available through consultation with one of our experienced coaches. Book now to create your very own VIP program.

Refer a Friend

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Not really a package, but a means for you to own an extra month of membership. Per member you introduce, you'll get one extra month of membership.

Simply send us an email through the below form, and give us the name and phone number of your friend. We will then contact her/him, and once he/she becomes a member, you will get an extra month of membership for free.