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Membership Agreement

1. Membership Agreement between “Member”, and Fitness Zone DMCC referred to in the rest of agreement as (the “Gym”) is an agreement  on a duration indicated in selected membership option with inclusive of tax price payable in advance.

2. Member agrees to keep and follow all rules now in force or in the future prescribed by the Gym at all times while in the Gym, and the Gym reserves the right to revoke this membership for cause if Member fails to keep and follow any of such rules, or for reasons of nuisance, disturbance or other members or staff, moral turpitude or fraud. Member agrees that he will follow below:

  • Always considering other members’ rights and privileges while he is training.
  • Always paying his membership dues on time; A penalty of 199 AED will be made for any Monthly Recurring Payment is unpaid within 30 days grace period on top of the monthly payment or any Cheque is returned unpaid due to or in any form of payment is not honored for whatever reason. The gym reserves the right to change prices at any time which will take effect in the renewal of this agreement.
  • Always returning bars, weights, dumbbells, equipment when he is through using them to their original location;
  • Always following directions on the proper use of the equipment and asking for directions if needed;
  • It is agreed that all exercises including the use of weights, number of repetitions, and use of any machinery, equipment and the use of the Gym’s premises and facilities shall be at the Member’s sole risk. It is hereby understood that the selection of exercise programs, methods and types of equipment shall be Member’s entire responsibility, and the Gym shall not be liable to Member or Member’s family for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions arising due to injury to Member’s person or property arising out of or in connection with the use by Member of the services and facilities of the Gym
  • Always accepting full responsibility for any damages done within the gym facilities, and will be held liable for any repair or replacement fee (except for equipment or machine).
  • Always wearing proper gym attire when exercising and to dress modesty while working out in the gym floor.
  • For safety purposes, Strictly No Smoking nor Eating or any under the influence of drugs & alcohol inside the gym premises.
  • Proper personal hygiene is mandatory to avoid any cause of offense to others.
  • Children are not allowed at the Gym floor and studio unless, it is a Kids Group class.
  • The gym reserves the right to change, cancel or reschedule the Group Exercise timetable it offers.
  • Late – comers to Group Exercise class max at 15 minutes only to avoid any risk of injuries and disruption of the class.
  • Temporary lockers are provided for the members/guests who shall remove their personal belongings at the completion of their visit. The management accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to members’ belongings. In case of damage or lost keys, replacements fee will charge.
  • Unclaimed property shall kept by the Gym for a period of 1 week after which the management reserves the right to dispose of the items, however any items of value will be sold periodically and all proceeds donated to the Reception’s Dubai Care donation box.
  • Operations hours indicated at the gym entrance. The management reserves the right to adjust the hours for the purpose of cleaning, repairs and holidays.
  • Always treating members and staff with respect and courtesy at all times;
  • Never paying trainers in the gym directly and only arranging personal training through the staff at the reception.

3. Without limiting the Gym’s ability to terminate this membership for cause, the Gym may terminate this membership for any reason at the end of any given month. If the Gym elects to so terminate, the Gym will follow the Refund Policy stated. The gym has the right to decline renewal of membership of the member without expressing reasons.

4. In sole discretion of FITNESS ZONE management, prices may vary from time to time or increase if needed. Members will be notify of any incoming price change or increase and will make it very clear when the price increase will take effect and how much your membership will cost after the increase. During this period you will have your usual right to terminate your membership in accordance with the membership terms and conditions and rules. If you do not terminate the membership by the date given to you in the notice then the price of your membership will be increased in accordance with our notice.

5. Failure on member’s part to pay any amount due under this agreement for a period of more than 30 days, then we may pass the debt to a third-party company for collection or take legal/police action against you. The reasonable and direct costs incurred in employing the third party company will be borne by you including costs in tracing you if you have changed your address or contact without telling us.

6. It is expressly understood & agreed that this contract is not assignable or transferrable by member & no rights or privleges granted by this membership can be transferred or assigned by member.

7.  The Monthly Recurring Membership terms and conditions below:

  • The monthly recurring membership or monthly recurring payment is due each month in full, upfront and in
  • The Member agreed to follow the FITNESS ZONE rules at all times stated in the Membership Agreement Form while in the gym.
  • A “Joining Fee” will be charged upon becoming a The Joining Fee is a one-off payment at the point of becoming a member and is applied to cover the initial administration costs associated with setting up a new membership and recurring payment agreement and entitles you to a free gym induction.
  • FITNESS ZONE management may in its sole discretion choose to remove or reduce the Joining Fee during certain periods of promotion.
  • The joining fee and first monthly recurring payment are collected from you by us either by debit or credit card at the time of purchase at the same as you become a
  • Your second monthly recurring payment will be collected one month after you Subsequently monthly recurring payments for monthly membership fees will be collected monthly thereafter
  • Despite us having notified you of a missed payment, further payments are missed, we reserve the right to, at our sole election, either suspend or terminate your membership. If you are ever over 30 days arrears on a missed monthly payment then we reserve the right to bill you immediately after 30 days grace period of penalty without prior notice.
  • Members enrolled with Monthly Recurring Membership are obliged of monthly recurring payments. You are obligated to make every recurring payment regardless of non-attendance, except where the cancellation terms are
  • Monthly Recurring membership is non – transferrable.
  • The date of your Monthly Recurring Payment is likely to be the same date on each month as the first Monthly Recurring Payment. You are unable to amend the date of your Recurring Payment but we reserve the right to amend the date of your Monthly Recurring Payment at our sole
  • Once you have completed the minimum number of Monthly Recurring Payments as stated in your membership choice we will automatically continue collecting Monthly Recurring Payments every month. Your membership will be extended by one month for each payment (“Renewal Period”).

Cancellation Policy

Membership can only be cancelled if all the below conditions are met:

  • The member is relocated outside Dubai: Upon the satisfaction of Fitness Zone management of the member’s appropriate proof that he is leaving the country such as the new permanent address or cancelled residence visa with itinerary ticket
  • Medical condition, Illness or Injury: Agreement may be cancelled in the event of an illness, injury or medical condition which in the written opinion of a doctor or other suitable qualified medical practitioner prohibits exercise for
  • 3 months or longer upon appropriate proof being The writing opinion must be dated within 30 days of the request to cancel.
  • Any cancellation request for the above reasons will only take effect until the appropriate proof is provided to a member of the FITNESS ZONE team and you receive a written confirmation response from FITNESS ZONE.
  • We will manage and process the cancellation of your membership upon receipt of a properly submitted cancellation request. Should your Recurring Payment be cancelled without submission of a cancellation request form at an y time you may incur fees as a result of any missed pay If you wish to have confirmation of any amendments to your account at any stage, please contact a member of the FITNESS ZONE team.
  • Any cancellation request regardless of contract type or situation requires a minimum of 30 days’ notice and all cancellations are subject to satisfactory proof of evidence should your still be within a minimum timeframe commitment before the cancellation of the membership will take You acknowledge and understand that one further recurring payment will be taken from your account if such a recurring payment is due within the aforementioned 30 days’ notice.

Refund Policy

Membership refund is calculated according to the below:

  •  If Member exercise this right to cancel after meeting the conditions mentioned in Cancellation Policy, we will refund the payment we received upon the calculation based on the elapsed period of membership fees for a minimum of 4 months membership rate during the period that the member registered. (This applies to Upfront Membership Only)
  • The Joining Fee under the Monthly Recurring Membership is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 20 days depends on the issuing bank of the credit card or debit card.

Freezing Policy

  • Only 8 Months, 12 Months, and Monthly Recurring are subject to membership freezing. FITNESS ZONE will offer 15 days free freezing for 8 Months Membership while 30 days free freezing for 12 Months Membership. If the freezing request exceeds with the allowed, 50aed costs for each week.
  • Freezing request must be submitted in advance with minimum of 14 days.
  • Freezing applies only to member’s request due to temporary leaving outside UAE, Illness and Injury for a maximum of 3 months with a corresponding fee stated below.
  • Freezing will not be effective until the appropriate proof is provided. Once your freeze has been processed you will not have access to the facilities until the freeze period has come to an end.
  • Freezing fee of 99aed per month upon meeting the minimum period (applicable for Monthly Recurring Membership Only)
  • Freeze of payment must be submitted 14 working days before the Monthly Recurring Payment is due to be taken, if the submission is too close to the recurring payment date the following payment will be frozen.

Payment Confirmation

Once the payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to the client via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment.