Karina is an international level 3 certified personal trainer with a passion for fitness and dancing. Having worked in China, Turkey, Ukraine and Dubai she has global experience of training technique and will use this knowledge to develop you a unique training program based on your individual requirements and goals, and her proven experience.

Karina's energy and drive will take you to new levels of motivation to meet your fitness goals, and she is totally confident the techniques and routines will work for you, because they are based on what works for her!



With over 17 years as a coach, a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and a level three certificate in personal training and nutrition Paul brings a unique perspective to personal training. With his enthusiasm, experience and knowledge in health and fitness he can help bring out the best in you and together you will achieve your goals.

It’s his job to coach you towards your specific goals and it’s a responsibility he both enjoys and takes very seriously. At all times he will ensure your safety, while challenging you to achieve more than you thought possible. He will also install values and lifestyle changes that will stay with you, ensuring long term benefits from your hard work with Paul.


Clay is inspired by his father who is a former Muay Thai champion and MMA fighter. He too followed in his father’s footsteps, and now Clay is following that tradition by competing (and winning) internationally in the field of Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA.

He's been taught by the best and if you too have a passion to experience the beauty of martial arts Clay will teach you too.


Francis has more than 1 ½ decades in the health and fitness industry. His passion started from watching motivational body building documentaries and he's now proud to compete in the physique category.

He combines his years of experience with a deep knowledge within the industry. He's got a Batchelor’s degree in Psychology, level three REPs personal training certificates and certified global PTA pregnancy coach.

Results come from hard work and his motto is “No Pain, No Gain”, so expect a fun, challenging and rewarding workout from him.


Nevad comes from a military background having run gyms for the army and trained frontline soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq in strength and conditioning. This has given him a disciplined approach to fitness programs although everything should be fun and enjoyable with Nevad.

He is a case study in fat loss having personally transformed himself from 142kg to 78kg in just 8 months back in 2014 and maintained it ever since. Maintaining fat loss is one of the challenges he can coach you in and his story will help you realise what’s achievable.


Kazy has a unique ability to bring a lot of fun and energy to what can be quite serious subjects. Injury rehabilitation for example is a serious goal and not without risks if approached unprofessionally. Yet your journey with her will be as enjoyable as it will be progressive.

With a Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy and as a licenced PTRP (Physical Therapists) Kazy will bring a lot of theoretical as well as physical expertise to your sessions.

Kazy loves to study and expand her knowledge, so she can bring the latest techniques and research to your sessions, but to compliment the knowledge and experience she also bring a strong sense of fun and you will laugh a lot as you workout.


Like most people, I just wanted to get in shape, stay fit and live healthy, but this led to a passion for fitness and to help people change their lives. I love to learn and seek out new resources and information about fitness and by adopting different methods of exercises I constantly improve my skills and knowledge. From this, you can be assured that if you train with me you will be coached by someone current and up to date with the latest techniques and knowledge.

I’ve run gyms in the hotel industry and been a professional personal trainer for over 15 years and I’m proud of the extensive qualifications and certifications I’ve achieved. If you train with me you will be in safe, qualified and experienced hands.