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About me

I’ve more than 1 ½ decades in the health and fitness industry. My passion started from watching motivational body building documentaries and I’m now proud to compete in the physique category.

I combine my years of experience with a deep knowledge within the industry. I’ve a Batchelor’s degree in Psychology, level three REPs personal training certificates and certified global PTA pregnancy coach.

Results come from hard work and my motto is “No Pain, No Gain”, so expect a fun, challenging and rewarding workout from me.


Weight loss: Weight loss needs a multi-dimensional approach. Exercise alone won’t do it, a fad diet won’t do it, a single lifestyle change won’t do it, but a coordinated approach, some strong motivation and someone who’s got your back will. If you need someone to guide and motivate you, someone to educate and inspire you, even someone to shout at, I’ll be there for you and we will get those pounds off.

Body building: This is my passion and I hope it shows. I don’t just love body building I love coaching it. If you body build we are kindred spirits. That connection, along with my years of experience and training will help us achieve results.

TRX Training: TRX suspension training is a unique and fun way using your own body weight to workout. We can focus on many muscle groups to build, shape and tone as a unique program, or we can build these techniques into other programs to add variety and fun to our sessions.

HIIT functional and core training: HIIT and core training is an excellent way to shape, tone and build endurance. It’s also complimentary of other training regime and sports. To improve overall performance while looking good, look no further than some HIIT and core training with me.

Nutrition planning: For the best results in any workout program I build nutritional advice into the guidance. Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and any fitness program and some simple changes can make a big difference.


  • REPS Certificate: 
    Level 3 I Personal training & Nutrition
  • Bachelor Degree: 
  • Certificate PTA Global: 
    Pregnant Coach