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About me

I’m an international level 3 certified personal trainer with a passion for fitness and dancing. Having worked in China, Turkey, Ukraine and Dubai I’ve global experience of training technique and will use this knowledge to develop you a unique training program based on your individual requirements and goals, and my proven experience.

My energy and drive will take you to new levels of motivation to meet your fitness goals, and I’m totally confident the techniques and routines will work for you, because they are based on what works for me!



Weight loss: When you engage with me as a weight loss coach be assured that it’s not just a commitment for gym training but a 24x7 engagement to coach you through exercise, diet, lifestyle and nutrition changes. We will track consumption, adapt diets, and go through some fun and challenging exercises to make sure we tone as well as lose weight – making sure you look and feel fantastic.

Once you’ve started seeing results you won’t want to stop, which is part of the joy of coaching for weight loss. Together we will achieve your goals.

Functional and circuit training: For people who love a challenge and to push themselves this is an excellent way to advance yourself. I will create an evolving program to test and push you while maintaining a safe and motivational environment for you.

The variety of exercises and the drive to see how far you can push yourself makes this a very popular experience and a joy to coach.

Abs and core: It’s a common request to help sculpt Abs and Core and I’ve personally developed techniques and routines based on my own experience to achieve this. I can coach in the gym, via online virtual training or a combination of both to keep you focused and on tract to look great and tone to perfection.

Zumba and hip-hop dance: This is the most fun way to exercise, look good and feel great. What better way to tone your body, burn off some calories and enjoy yourself. This is suitable for all levels of fitness, from people who want a strenuous workout to those who just want to have a little fun.

Stretching and mobility: This is an important part of any workout routine and I incorporate it into all workouts to ensure your body is both prepared for and recovers from the challenging workouts we will perform.



  • Certified Personal Trainer: 
    International Level 3
  • International Experience: 
    4 Years China 1 Year in Turkey
  • Gym Owner: 
    Dance Studio