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About me

With over 17 years as a coach, a Batchelor degree in Physiotherapy and a level three certificate in personal training and nutrition I bring a unique perspective to personal training. With my enthusiasm, experience and knowledge in health and fitness I can help bring out the best in you and together we will achieve your goals.

It’s my job to coach you towards your specific goals and it’s a responsibility I both enjoy and take very seriously. At all times I will ensure your safety, while challenging you to achieve more than you thought possible. I will also install values and lifestyle changes that will stay with you, ensuring long term benefits from your hard work with me.


Weight loss: When we sit down and discuss your weight loss goals you will be talking to someone with years of experience in coaching weight loss. Testimonials are a great way to show what can be achieved and motivate you, but fast results are even better and together we will succeed with your goals.

Weight loss can be challenging at first, but it can be soon become a fun, self-fulfilling experience. Sure you will have off days, but I’ll be with you all the way and we’ll both be motivated by your success.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation and movement management after injury is an essential part of recovery. With a Bachelors degree on Physiotherapy and years of proven experience I will safety take you through your recovery and back to a unique and tailored exercise regime.

Rehabilitation is a very specialist skill as you will discover in the consultation. Your health and safety is important and it needs unique control and motivation to recover optimally. I have the experience you need to rehabilitate an injury successfully.

Boxing: I love boxing 1 on 1, and that enthusiasm will come through in our training sessions. Expect a fun and tiring workout when you box with me.

Strength and ConditioningIf you want to feel great, look great, and be great then my strength and conditioning program is for you. We can sculpt, tone and build together in a holistic program including diet, exercise sessions, lifestyle mentoring and personal exercise advice.


  • REPS Certificate: 
    Level 3 - Personal training & Nutrition
  • Bachelor Degree: 
  • Rehab Certificate: 
    Movement Coach
  • Nutrition Certificate: 
    Level 2 certified


Testimonial Image Cherryl Ferrer

Program: Weight loss and toning

In only 4 months, we reached our loss weight goals. Paul pushes me hard and reminds me time and again what my objectives are so it kind of keeps me on track towards achieving those goals. Aside from our rigidly customised sessions, he makes it a point to check up on food intake to really ensure I'm kept on the right track.

Cherryl Ferrer
Weight Loss Trainee 

Testimonial Image Bello

Program : Muscle gain and conditioning.

Our objective within 5 months was to gain muscle mass, tone and define body, increase strength for an all round sexier and attractive look. Paul is a great trainer with a great professionalism. He pushes you to the max to make you achieve your goals, and trust me ...he never fails. 😘😘😘

Fitness Enthusiast

Testimonial Image Salma

Program: Weight loss and toning

Paul knew how to make me achieve my goal step-by-step even though I was struggling in the beginning to lose weight but he took me through the journey slowly until I managed to achieve my goal in weight loss and toning, all this in 3 months.

Weight Loss Trainee