About me

Like most people, I just wanted to get in shape, stay fit and live healthy, but this led to a passion for fitness and to help people change their lives. I love to learn and seek out new resources and information about fitness and by adopting different methods of exercises I constantly improve my skills and knowledge. From this, you can be assured that if you train with me you will be coached by someone current and up to date with the latest techniques and knowledge.

I’ve run gyms in the hotel industry and been a professional personal trainer for over 15 years and I’m proud of the extensive qualifications and certifications I’ve achieved. If you train with me you will be in safe, qualified and experienced hands.


Weight management: Whether it’s fat loss, weight loss, weight gain or muscle gain we will take a sustained, controlled and systematic approach. I’ve extensive experience and qualifications in nutrition to complement the physical exercise and to help you manage your weight-related goals. You will get consistent, tangible results under my supervision.

Body building: Strength training is a passion and I can lead by example. My techniques are proven and you can have confidence we can build and sculpt your muscle mass together.

Functional training: This is a great addition to any exercise program and value adds to most training goals by using, challenging and improving everyday muscle movements. It helps bring variety and balance to an exercise regime, making it more fun and safer than just a narrow exercise goal.

HIIT, endurance training: Exercise routines and nutrition are core to endurance training, but my motivation is the magic ingredient I supply. To push that little bit harder and burn that little bit stronger makes the real difference to performance and growth in this area.

Boxing pad workout: Sparing will but great fun for both of us, whatever your size, strength, or fitness levels – give it your best shot, it can take it.


  • REPS certificate: 
    Level 3
  • Exercise and nutritional interventions for obesity and diabetes: 
    Level 4
  • YMCA nutritional certification: 
    Level 3